Top 5 Things Patients Look For When Choosing A Healthcare Provider Online!

Top 5 Things Patients Look For When Choosing A Healthcare Provider Online!

Top 5 Things Patients Look For When Choosing A Healthcare Provider Online! 1248 900 nodMD

(Mar-2023) With 24/7 internet access and unprecedented access to information, patients are a lot more selective when finding and choosing a healthcare provider. 90% of people do some kind of research before scheduling an appointment. A recent MGMA study indicated the top five things people look for when choosing a healthcare provider online:

1. Accepts Patient’s Medical Insurance

Out-of-pocket cost is important to prospective patients. For many, an out-of-network provider is a non-starter—it’s too expensive. With nodMD, patients can determine if they are in-network with providers – patients don’t like to dig for that kind of information.

2. Has Available Appointments

Nobody wants to wait long for their appointment, especially if they have a pressing medical issue.  nodMD makes it easy for patients to get appointment availability information and to schedule an appointment with a specialty physician.  In fact, practices can download nodMD’s booking tool for their practice website – as it’s a convenient way for patients to verify how long they’ll have to wait to make an appointment.

3. Is Close to Home

Sometimes patients want the convenience of a provider nearby.  Other times, it makes sense to travel across the country due to a pressing medical issue – to find a specialist with the earliest availability. nodMD specializes in helping patients find a specialty physician with the earliest availability – so patients can choose between “close to home” and “earliest availability.”

4. Provider’s Reputation

Reviews matter.  In a highly competitive digital marketplace, managing a provider’s digital reputation is a must.  nodMD allows patients to rate and review providers, and providers can rate and endorse other providers – to build trust.

5. Physician’s Qualifications

Research found that a physician’s qualifications are a top consideration for healthcare consumers. Patients want to know that a doctor can treat their particular condition or perform the surgery they want or need. They want to see degrees and certifications, ratings, and reviews.  nodMD’s search engine is 3x more powerful as patients can search a provider’s background, expertise and specialties.

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