Timely Access to Specialty Physicians

Each year, over 50 million new patients see a specialist. For many, finding the right specialty physician online is challenging. Other issues include long wait times to see a specialist, few offer online booking, and it can be hard to find a qualified second opinion specialist.

We aim to change this.

nodMD’s premier platform is a central site with thousands of specialists to make your search convenient and efficient.

Our powerful specialist search engine is geared to better match a physician to your condition with three times more search criteria than primary care. You can search physicians by subspecialties and expertise, unique provider rankings, training and board certification, providers offering remote patient monitoring for chronic disease, and more.

We also locate specialists with the earliest availability, including outside your local geography. Now, you don’t have to wait months for a first appointment and you can find the best specialist, not just the closest.


Our industry-leading online booking enables scheduling through the nodMD platform, provider websites and even your primary care provider’s office. Automated insurance verification notifies your doctor that you are in-network and lets you know your visit copay.

About one-third of patients given a referral by their provider don’t connect with the referred specialist. Our platform automates and simplifies the referral process—for patients, primary care and specialists.

Finally, over 12 million medical misdiagnoses occur every year. nodMD can help you locate a vetted specialist for a qualified second opinion.

We make it easy for you to find and book an appointment with thousands of trusted, expert specialists from anywhere in the United States in nearly 100 medical specialties. The sooner you find the right specialist, the sooner your healing can begin.


How nodMD helps specialty physicians

Fifteen features exclusive to the nodMD platform help maximize bookings, increase office staff productivity, increase health outcomes and enhance a provider’s professional brand. Using nodMD’s powerful specialist search engine can improve patient health outcomes, lower healthcare costs and help specialists see more patients. A win-win for everyone.

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How nodMD helps primary care physicians

Unrestricted access to nodMD’s platform is available to primary care providers at no cost (internal medicine, geriatrics, family medicine and pediatrics). Members of our online community enjoy a better referral process, increased patient volumes and improved patient outcomes.

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