Timely Access to Specialty Physicians

Talk to a medical specialist when you need it most. Anytime. Anywhere.
Our patients are seen 5x faster than the national average.

The result? Better health outcomes. Lower costs. Higher patient satisfaction.

Patients are Seen 5 Times Faster Than the National Average

Average wait times to see a specialist physician are unacceptably long and a growing shortage of specialists is increasing wait times. Yet, the top request of specialist physicians is to increase their referrals–to fill empty slots in their schedule. nodMD’s digital health platform can decrease patient wait times by filling empty slots in specialist schedules.

nodMD is a virtual community in the U.S. exclusively for 250,000 independent specialty physicians. Our digital health platform provides a referral clearinghouse which automatically matches provider availability with appointments needed.

 Unmet Need Fact Points:

Physician Shortage

Over the next 10 years, a shortage of 29,500 specialist physicians is projected (8% lower than today) driven by an aging population and retiring specialists, with 29% of specialists reaching retirement age in the next 10 years with fewer new physicians entering the market.

Aging Population

The population over age 65 is projected to grow by 28% in the next ten years, and by 2030 Baby Boomers will be over age 65. As patients get older, they need 2-3x more services – especially from specialists.

Wait Times

New patients seeking a referral to a specialist wait 32 days (mid region markets) – about 30% longer than in 2014. By 2030, wait times are projected to reach 40+ days.

Rural Areas

There are 30 specialists in rural areas compared to 263 in urban areas for for every 100,000 people . Low access to specialists in rural areas results in 40% higher rates of preventable hospitalizations and 23% higher mortality rates than their metropolitan counterparts.

Timely Access Improves Health Outcomes

  • New patients who wait more than a month are twice as likely to cancel their appointment – and never return – as patients scheduled within a week
  • Virtual appointments are 50% less likely to cancel than walk-in patients
  • Timely second opinions by a qualified specialist physician can reduce unnecessary procedures, correct medicine regiments and promote faster healing

Lowers Costs

  • Specialty care telemedicine lowers healthcare costs by reducing patient transfers, initial ED and urgent care visits, hospital readmission, misdiagnosis and unnecessary procedures
  • U.S. employers could save up to $6 billion/year by offering telehealth to their employees
  • One hospital reports it saves $86.64 every time a telehealth application is used over an in-person visit in the ED or urgent care

Increases Provider Revenue

  • 50 million Americans would be willing to switch their family practice provider to have access to a video visit
  • 79% of patients said that scheduling a telemedicine follow-up visit was more convenient than arranging an in-person follow-up
  • nodMD helps independent physicians grow their revenue base beyond their local geography with virtual visits

Cost of Missed Appointments/Year


Americans willing to switch their PCP for video-visit access


Patients referred to a specialist each year in U.S.


Patients delayed seeing a doctor as it takes too long to get an appointment

nodMD Improves Healthcare Outcomes By:

Speeding up the healing process with faster access to a specialist

Reducing initial ED/urgent care visits, readmission, transfers, et cetera

Eliminating unnecessary procedures/prescriptions

Second opinions with specialists audit previous diagnoses

Reducing missed/canceled appointments

Matches demand for virtual specialist visits