Empowering Access to Specialists


nodMD offers a virtual a community exclusively for 250,000 independent specialists in the United States and provides two ways for specialist physicians to grow their referral base beyond their local geography.

  1. Upgrade your practice into a “virtual practice” and use HIPAA-compliant video chats to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients without geographic limitations. Joining nodReferrals will help you promote your practice online AND obtain referrals from facilities and primary care sources wanting to refer to a specialist.
  2. Providers can join an existing virtual practice on a fractional basis (part-time 1099 work) and receive compensation for treating patients. This is a simple way to enhance a provider’s revenue.

Virtual evaluations and treatments can be conducted in all settings—including acute and post-acute facilities and outpatient settings.

Independent Primary Care Physicians Referring to nodMD:

There are roughly 165,000 primary care physicians in the U.S. who are independent (not affiliated with hospital systems).

Why refer your patient to nod specialists?

  • Timely appointments with our specialists—5x faster than the national average.
  • Primary care provider incentive pay: Some primary care providers earn incentives from payers if timely care is provided within 7 days of referral. Primary care providers with capitated plans earn more money if costs are lowered by timely access to a specialist.
  • Better referral management—referring primary care receives automated appointment updates.
  • Asynch professional consults available.
  • Protect your patient base from large, public telemedicine companies

When independent primary care providers connect with independent specialty physician, patients receive even better care.

Why Become a nod specialist?

nodMD’s physicians and providers are board-certified and highly trained specialists who can diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment for specific conditions. Patients are typically seen in under a week by a nod specialist.

“All I want the specialist to do is to see my patient on-time, within 1-2 weeks of referral, make specific recommendations and forward the consult note or communicate the plan of care to me.”

-nodMD referring primary care physician

See more patients in less time on your schedule—improve patient diagnosis and treatments

Providers can work from home improving work/life balance

Improve the health and safety of patients with remote visits

Attract more millennial patients and prepare for future shift to millennial needs

Fast access to medical care for people in rural and underserved areas

Shorter patient length of stay, lower patient transfers and readmissions and provide high quality of care

Did You Know?

Many of our specialists are factional participants with up to 15% of their time devoted to nod specialists. This works especially well for new practices or soon-to-retire physicians seeking a relaxed work atmosphere.

Contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with a nod specialist MD who can answer your questions.