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Our Founder’s Story

Until three years ago, telemedicine was little more than a “buzz-word” to me. However, as an independent infectious disease doctor, my ongoing frustration of patients waiting four-to-six weeks to get an appointment with me caused me to take a second look at “telemedicine.”

Could a digital health platform help patients achieve faster access to specialty physicians, like me? And could it help me see more patients and generate greater income for my practice?

To my pleasure, I found out the answer is YES!

nodMD was founded in 2019 as America’s premier online community of specialist physicians. No other platform exclusively enables specialists to unleash their full potential by connecting with millions of patients seeking timely specialist care. My vision is to drastically reduce the time it takes a patient to see their specialist.

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Madhu Murthy, MD, MHSA
President and Chief Executive Officer, nodMD

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Vision Statement:

nodMD is a digital health company disrupting the specialty care market by creating America’s premier online community for specialty physicians and improving timely access to specialists. Increased access to specialists improves patient health outcomes, lowers healthcare costs and augments practice profitability.

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The Brand:

• n.o.d. is our acronym for “network of doctors”.
• Our company culture governs how we honor all stakeholders.
• Patients nod when they feel connected and understood.
• When a provider speaks, we nod our head to confirm we are listening.
• Our network of doctors listen to their patients to provide high-quality care.