Digital Health via Strategic Alliances

The Need for Cooperation and Collaboration

Digital health platforms are a significant innovation in healthcare, and have tremendous benefits for patients, providers and other entities. In tandem with this, the future of referral generation and referral management is cloud-based solutions. It’s time to replace the fax machine as the center of communication between healthcare nodes.

Alliances to Promote the Future of Digital Health

nodMD is interested in aligning with online and offline groups wanting timely access to specialists. A key aspect of our digital health platform is to provide data to improve healthcare, especially for remote patient monitoring of chronic diseases. In addition, second opinions are an important option in controlling unnecessary healthcare spending.

Telemedicine Is More Than Video Consults

With nodConsult, our telehealth video platform, you and your patients will enjoy safe, secure appointments anytime, anywhere.

Improve Care for Chronically Ill Patients

With 80% of healthcare spending on this population, nodMD’s virtual platform for specialists improves patient care, quality of life and lowers payor spending.

Potential Annual Employer Savings

nodMD’s virtual care platform saves money while increasing timely access to specialty providers.

Quality Patient Care

nodMD’s highly experienced medical specialists provide expert care while keeping patients in the comfort of home and safely out of the hospital.

Continuum of Care Promise

Our virtual outpatient system means that we can continue with the patient after they have been discharged home, which helps to ensure their treatment plans continue and they aren’t readmitted or end up in the ED.

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