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Referral Management for Independent Specialists

nodMD is the first online referral community exclusively for 250,000 independent specialist physicians (nodReferrals) across over 20 specialties with a clearinghouse giving patients, medical entities and providers rapid access to virtual specialists.

Our mission is to increase access to independent specialists to shorten patient wait times, improve health outcomes, lower healthcare costs and offer providers referrals beyond their traditional local geographic borders.

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n.o.d. is an acronym for “network of doctors”

Our market research shows the following:
  • Approximately one-third of specialists “own” their own practice (125,000 providers)
  • Roughly another one-third of specialists (125,000 providers) belong to a larger medical practice
  • The remaining one-third of specialists (125,000) are affiliated with hospital systems.

At nodMD, we aim to balance supply and demand for specialist care for the combined 250,000 independent specialists via nodMD’s digital health platform.

Let us help you stay at the forefront of the coming evolution in referral management for independent specialists.


You can participate in three ways:

Provide Referrals

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  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid adoption of telemedicine is changing the landscape for care delivery—and for referral management
  • For patients needing rapid access to a specialist, we can help. nodMD will find a specialist who matches:
    • The medical specialty needed
    • Patient’s insurance
    • Fastest available open schedule for an independent specialist

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Accept Referral Destination

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  • nodMD’s digital health platform  includes a cloud-based referral community for independent specialists which sends referrals to specialists based on their calendar availability. The platform matches patients wanting to see a specialist ASAP with specialist availability
  • In addition to providing referrals from PCPs, facilities with a provider gap or online patients seeking a second opinion, the platform allows for asynchronous communication (HIPAA-compliant professional consults) between specialists and PCPs.
  • A closed ecosphere of the independent referral community (nodReferrals) also allows for tracking of patients in the care continuum and for rapid transmission of treatment notes back to the referral source.
  • This approach allows specialists to increase their revenue base, improve the efficiency and revenue of their practice and improve health outcomes.

nodReferrals—LAUNCHING SUMMER 2021

Become a nod specialist

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  • Specialist physicians who don’t want to wait for nodReferrals to launch can join a nod specialists virtual practice (fractional work).
  • You provide your calendar availability and they provide referrals for your open calendar. Starting virtual consults this way is simple and easy.
  • Advantages to a provider of becoming a virtual specialist associated with nodMD:
  • Expand geographic reach of practice to increase NEW patient flow, including includes rural areas
    • More patients can be seen in less time, boosting practice revenue and efficiency
    • Fill empty slots in your appointment calendar – open your availability to areas outside your local geography
    • Improve patient satisfaction by offering them convenience
    • Encounters can be scheduled outside of normal office hours without additional expense
    • Providers can work from home improving their work/life balance
    • Protect existing patient base for independent providers from large telemedicine companies by increasing patient loyalty

If you’re interested in checking out this option, we will put you in touch with a medical doctor who can answer your questions.

Please contact Kevin Stephan, MD, FACP


Continuum of Care Promise

Our virtual outpatient system means that we can continue with the patient after they have been discharged home, which helps to ensure their treatment plans continue and they aren’t readmitted or end up in the ED.

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