Infection Prevention – Best Practices

Infection Prevention – Best Practices

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(Aug-2022) Every day, an average of 1 in 25 hospital patients (United States) contracts at least one healthcare associated infection (HAI), according to the CDC.  HAIs include: pneumonia, surgical site infections, MRSA, and more.  An estimated 100,000 people die each year from HAIs. Ensuring a facility has an efficient infection prevention program can prevent the spread of any infections – not for just patient health, but also for facilities to meet CMS guidelines for Medicare reimbursement.

No one should catch an infection while receiving healthcare. HAIs can be prevented by as much as 50% with proper IPC protocols, which also helps facilities lower costs each year.  

nodMD is concerned about improving specialty care.  For medical facilities needing “infection control and prevention” (IPC) services, we highly recommend IPC Advisors (see 

Under the direction of Megan Crosser (Program Director), the team at IPC Advisors does a great job helping to identify and resolve gaps in Infection Prevention Programs.  Megan’s team is better and costs less than other IPC consultants.

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