About Nod Specialists

Delivering Quality Specialist Care Wherever You Are

Imagine a world without waiting rooms or weeks of delay to see a specialist. You choose when and where you can see your physician.

At Nod Specialist, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we specialize in delivering quality healthcare for infectious diseases, kidney disease, and allergy and immunology issues. We’re dedicated to underserved communities and ailing patients in the comfort of their home, nursing home, rural hospital, or anywhere they might be.

As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection – you can meet with a Nod specialist without the hassle of going to a clinic and sitting in the waiting room, and at a lower cost via Nod’s convenient online access.

Our healthcare platform is designed to provide comprehensive specialist services through simple and easy to use technology. Our goal is to provide access to specialized medicine and cost-efficient, accessible care, with faster recovery times and measurable quality outcomes.

Our Team

President and Chief Executive Officer

Madhu Murthy, MD, MHSA

Chief Administrative and Operations Officer

Brandi Conner, MBA, MS

Chief Technology Officer

Vikram Basappa

VP of Medical Affairs

Kevin Stephan, MD

Strategic Growth Executive

Andi Ravenscroft, LNHA, CDAL

Infection Prevention Director

Megan Crosser, MPH, CIC

Director of Clinical Information & Education

Dustin Marley, MMS, PA-C

David Thomas, CPA
Director of Finance

David Thomas, CPA

Data Analyst

Nate Raible

Product Manager

Alicia Silhavy

Chief Medical Officer & Infectious Disease Specialist

Madhu Murthy, MD

Infectious Disease Specialist

Kevin Stephan, MD


Faiza Laleka, MD

Infectious Disease Specialist

Izona Bock, MD

Infectious Disease Specialist

Patricia Gill, MD

Infectious Disease Specialist

Raul Vasquez-Garagatti, MD

Infectious Disease Specialist

Dustin Marley, MMS, PA-C

Director of Clinical Success

Katie Vogan, NP

Infectious Disease Specialist

Tangeca Wells, FNP-C

Infectious Disease Specialist

Andrea Farris, FNP-C

Infectious Disease Specialist

Kristi Ford, FNP-C

Our providers are specially trained physicians with expertise in infectious disease, nephrology, and allergy/immunology who can diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment for your specific condition.

Nod Specialists is currently working with Medicare, Medicaid, and major commercial insurance providers to offer coverage for our patients. Stay tuned for updates or call us to find out if we are contracted with your insurance plan.

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