Stephan Kindt


Meet Stephan

Stephan Kindt joined nodMD in 2020.  He has 30+ years of business experience – including 14 years with Fortune 50 firms (Disney, Lockheed Martin), 3 startups and 3 turnarounds. Key leadership roles include: president, COO, CFO, general manager, and vice president of sales and marketing.

During his 7 years at Lockheed Martin, Stephan directed Corporate Finance for worldwide airport acquisition and development projects requiring up to $950 million in capital. Projects were located in London, Toronto, New Zealand, Los Angeles, and Athens.  He was also involved with several acquisitions and one divestiture.

At Disney, Stephan spent his first 3 years on the turnaround of a $4.5 billion investment (Euro Disney), a public entity traded on European stock exchanges which was losing $1 million a day. At the time, Euro Disney had $900 million in revenue and over 10,000 employees. Stephan spearheaded corporate efforts to create and implement a turnaround plan, which included $120 million in cost reductions, repositioning of 200 merchandise and 150 food and beverage locations, and revamping operations resulting in net income improving from a $1 billion loss to breakeven over 3 years.

After successfully concluding the Euro Disney restructuring, Stephan joined Disney’s Consumer Products Division as VP, Marketing and Sales where he grew a $20 million vertically integrated company managing high dollar Disney branded products by nearly $60 million by expanding 4 global business lines reaching 10,000 retail points with an $11 million operating budget (managed 80+ professionals, 2 sales teams).

After working 14 years with Fortune 50 companies, Stephan leveraged his corporate experience to several entrepreneurial ventures including: a) GoCollect Inc., a $23 million startup to consolidate e-commerce in the $50 billion Gift & Collectibles market, b) a technology start-up sold to Time Warner Telecommunications, c) Aqua Perfect – a commercial and industrial water purification firm sold to Culligan, d) Med One Healthcare – a top provider of wound, infusion, sleep, respiratory, and complex mobility products and services in Arizona sold in 2018 to an investment group, and e) Envoy America which expanded operations from 3 states / 7 cities to 23 states /63 cities resulting in the first nationwide rideshare program focused on seniors. His team hired over 1,000 drivers, achieved 99% on-time for pickups and produced the best metrics in company history. In May 2020, Kindt exited with a sale to an investment group.

His professional skillset encompasses business strategy, marketing and sales, corporate finance, operational finance, new business development, mergers & acquisitions, high-growth startups, brand management, and business restructuring / turnarounds.

Stephan has B.S. in Accounting, a minor in Computer Science, and an MBA from Brigham Young University where he graduated in the top ten percent of his MBA class. Stephan lived for nearly six years in Europe and now resides in Arizona.

Stephan Kindt