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Features To Come

We're very excited to offer features exclusive to the nodMD platform. See some of the highlighted features we provide below:

Top Features for Specialists

We offer 15 exclusive features for specialists, such as:

  • Specialist Search Engine 3x More Powerful than Competitors
  • Automatic Insurance Verification
  • Remote Patient Monitoring & Second Opinions
  • Online Intake Forms Customized by Specialty

Top Features for Primary Care

We offer 14 exclusive features for primary care, such as:

  • Improved Patient Referral Process
  • More Online Bookings
  • Enhance Your Patients Experience & Health Outcomes
  • Find the Best Specialists For Your Patients' Care

Why nodMD?

 nodMD is here to bring a top-tier experience of specialty healthcare to both patients and providers. Our vision is to disrupt the specialty care industry by creating America’s premier online community for specialty physicians and improving timely access to specialists.

Timely Access to Specialty Care

Patients no longer have to wait weeks or months to visit a specialty physician for their care. When booking online via nodMD's digital health platform,  patients are typically seen by a specialist in less than a week. 

Impressive Digital Health Platform

Our digital health platform outperforms other platforms with 3x the search criteria, a powerful referral module, insurance verification, and customized intake forms. You have the flexibility to make nodMD's digital health platform fit your needs and make the process easy. No other platform like nodMD connects specialists with patients, primary care and facilities.

Access nodMD Anywhere

Whether your patient is looking for an in-office or a virtual visit, they can be seen anywhere. They can access the platform using multiple devices, including a nodMD app, built for their patient portal and to "Find-a-Specialist".

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Raj Garg, MD

"nodMD is truly one of the most impressive systems I’ve seen."

Manav Jasrotia, MD

"All I want the specialist to do is to see my patient on-time, within 1-2 weeks of referral, make specific recommendations and forward the consult note or communicate the plan of care to me."

Yvonne Williams, DON

 "nodMD is a big asset to our team. The response time is quick and seamless - everyone should have them involved."

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