Why We Need to Shelter in Place

Why We Need to Shelter in Place

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We are all getting tired of sheltering in place, and many are beginning to feel that life will never go back to normal. Frustrations over the impact on employment, the economy and daily life are growing as we adapt to this new normal.  While a speedy recovery to normal life is everybody’s wish, we must not lose sight of how we are going to accomplish that goal.

In the absence of readily available and effective medications to treat COVID-19 or a vaccine to protect those who are at risk for infection, the only tools we currently possess to control and ultimately eradicate this pandemic are the infection prevention and control measures we’ve all heard countless times over the past few months – social distancing, frequent hand washing, avoiding crowded public places and staying home except for essential trips like going to the grocery store for food.

These tough lifestyle changes are not being done in vain. Recent studies have shown that these measures are working across the globe.  An important index that scientists track during a pandemic infection is how many people each carrier of the virus infects, a number known as the infection ratio.  Happily, this number is decreasing. This important measure signifies that we are seeing success in containing the spread of the new coronavirus, due in large part to stopping new infections – something that is only possible with continuing the measures that have been put in place to protect us all.

While we all hope and pray for a speedy resolution of this pandemic crisis and a return to normal lives, we must all continue to do our part to ensure that we limit new infections – our only way to vanquish this pandemic virus for the foreseeable future.