Why Would You Need to See a Nod Specialist?

Quality health comes from a good team of experts coordinating the proper care at the right time

Why Should I See a Nod Specialist?
You may consider seeing a Nod Specialist if:

  • You have a new or life-changing diagnosis (such as HIV)
  • You are not satisfied with the care of your condition by your PCP
  • Your current treatment of your condition has been unsuccessful
  • Or if you just want a second opinion

Nod Specialists focus on a singular problem or condition and are dedicated to helping you improve that condition. Nod Specialists can help manage chronic conditions and have specially trained physicians with expertise in a variety of areas. Nod Specialists can diagnose and treat different types of conditions including conditions related to your immune system, allergies, kidney problems, and infection management.

When you are seeing a Nod Specialist with expertise in your specific condition, improvement rates are faster than seeing a PCP or urgent care. If you have a non-emergency, yet complex condition like a complicated UTI, Nod Specialists can help you get the appropriate treatment while avoiding a hospital stay.

Will My Insurance Cover a Nod Specialist?
The cost of seeing a Nod Specialist can vary depending on the reason you are being seen and what type of insurance you have. Typically, insurance will approve a visit with a Nod Specialist when it is considered necessary.

Want to be seen by a Nod Specialist?

You can easily schedule an appointment online to receive advanced care to get well sooner