PCP vs Urgent Care vs Nod Specialists?

What are the differences?

Primary care physicians, Urgent Care, and Nod Specialists all serve the same purpose: to improve your health. However, it can be difficult to differentiate which type of practitioner is right for you in a time of need. We can help you break it down.

Primary Care Physician

Your primary care physician is typically your go-to for any non-emergency health situations. Primary care physicians typically manage your whole health including your medical history, ongoing disease management, and annual checkups, among other things. The cost (or co-pay) is usually much less than the emergency room or the ER.

Urgent Care

Urgent care is a good option when your primary care physician is unavailable whether it be a weekend, after hours, or you can’t get an appointment. Most urgent cares can treat a variety of simple conditions and even perform X-Rays, but likely won’t be managing your care past the initial visit. Urgent care prices are typically higher than PCP visits but are usually far less than the emergency room.

Nod Specialists

Nod Specialists provide healthcare beyond what your primary care physician may be able to offer. Nod Specialists are a great option when your doctor is unable to manage a condition that you have or if you feel that you are not getting the best possible care. Nod Specialists are available to you for disease management of infections, kidney problems, and allergy and immune system issues.

Why Should I See a Nod Specialist?

Nod Specialists focus on a singular problem or condition and are dedicated to helping you improve that condition. Nod Specialists can help manage chronic conditions and have specially trained physicians with expertise in a variety of areas. Nod Specialists can diagnose and treat different types of conditions including conditions related to your immune system, allergies, kidney problems, and infection management.

When you are seeing a Nod Specialist with expertise in your specific condition, improvement rates are faster than seeing a PCP or urgent care. If you have a non-emergency, yet complex condition like a complicated UTI, Nod Specialists can help you get the appropriate treatment while avoiding a hospital stay.

Will My Insurance Cover a Nod Specialist?
The cost of seeing a Nod Specialist can vary depending on the reason you are being seen and what type of insurance you have. Typically, insurance will approve a visit with a Nod Specialist when it is considered necessary.

You may consider seeing a Nod Specialist if:

  • You have a new or life-changing diagnosis (such as HIV)
  • You are not satisfied with the care of your condition by your PCP
  • Your current treatment of your condition has been unsuccessful
  • Or if you just want a second opinion

Need a Second Opinion?

Visit with a specialized doctor online to get a high-quality and fast second online on your condition