The nodMD Difference

No driving. No traffic. No waiting rooms. Appointments times fitting your schedule. Timely access to quality specialists.

New Patients:


nodMD is one of the largest communities of independent specialists offering virtual visits for patients. In 2020 a record 400 million telemedicine visits took place in the U.S.–mostly with primary care. With nodMD, when a primary care physician gives you a referral to see a specialist physician, you can now see that specialist virtually.

Virtual visits – or telemedicine – enable providers to use online (video) chats to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients without geographic limits in all settings: at home, work, assisted living, group home, skilled nursing or rural medical centers. Telemedicine visits are easy to navigate and we have great training materials to answer any questions.  

A virtual visit is much like a regular doctor’s office visit except that instead of a waiting room full of people and being left alone in an exam room, you get to see a highly-qualified specialist from the comfort of your current location. Presently, we are able to handle virtual visits for the following health conditions:

There are 250,000 independent specialists in the U.S across 20+ specialties. Due to a shortage of specialists in America (which is projected to get worse the next 10 years), wait times to see a specialist can exceed 32 days. 

The faster a patient sees a doctor, the sooner healing can begin. Our mission is provide patients with timely access to a specialist.  During the past year, our specialists saw patients 5x faster than the national average.

Whether you seek a second opinion on a diagnosis or you’ve been referred to a specialist, we can help.

Returning Patients:

Welcome back! 

If it’s been a while since you last visited nodMD, below is an update on our newest features which are simple to use and yet powerful.

    • Our login for patient appointments is easy – no passwords to memorize.
    • You can invite up to 50 family and loved ones to your virtual consult.
    • It’s now possible to share your screen, files and images (pictures) with the attending physician.
    • At the end of the consult, you can provide a rating for your specialist. Feedback is welcome!
    • Patient intake forms are provided in templates–making it easy for you to sign-in.
    • If the internet in your community is slow, you can use the audio-only feature.
    • You can set appointments with a specialist for a second opinion on a diagnosis. 
    • We now have a Patient FAQ.
    • Find-A-Specialist: find quality specialists 
    • nodDiagnosis: a patient symptom search, medical information bank and specialist provider referral tool—COMING 2022 
    • nodRPM: remote patient monitoring–coming late 2021 to your nodMD specialist 
  • We currently accept most commercial insurance providers, Medicaid and Medicare plans, as well as cash pay. Contact us for more details.

    • nodMD is connected to premium specialists. They know their stuff and they are very caring. We contract with independent specialists who know that their name is their brand.
  • nodMD’s Customer Service portal addresses questions about appointment issues, logging into patient portal, training videos to onboard into patient portal, et cetera.

nodMD uses technology that is secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant and meets all online regulations.

Nod Specialists only treats patients age 16 or over. We DO NOT treat acute emergencies. Instead, you will need to go immediately to your nearest emergency room.