Nod for Skilled Nursing & Long-Term Care Facilities

Reducing Readmissions and Cost of Care with Virtual Specialists

The Easy Way to Keep Your Patients Healthy

At Nod Specialist, our healthcare platform is designed to provide comprehensive specialist services through simple and easy to use technology. We provide 24/7 on-demand access to specialized medicine and cost-efficient care with faster recovery times and measurable quality outcomes.

Keep Your Patients Out of the Hospital

Whether you’re in a rural setting or just want to avoid transferring your patient, bringing in Nod Specialists will to make sure your patients get the treatment they need without losing them to the hospital and damaging your rapport with a preventable admission.

Grow Your Census

With the support of Nod Specialists, your facility can feel confident in accepting higher acuity patients without having to worry about increasing your readmission rate. Our clinical support and 24/7 on-call accessibility are there to support your team and patients.

Simplified Technology

If you have a telemedicine already in place, we’re happy to use it. If you haven’t settled on technology, you can use our custom Nod Innovations telemedicine system.  Easy to use with no expensive carts or towers required.

No Cost for SNFs & LTCs

Our mission is to make specialty care accessible to all. We bill the patients insurance directly so there is zero cost to your facility.

Following Patients Along The Continuum of Care

Our virtual outpatient system means that we can continue with the patient after they have been discharged home. This helps to ensure they’re treatment plans continue and they aren’t readmitted or end up in the ED.

Give Us The Nod

If you have questions for our team, want to see a demo of our software, or get started. Just drop us a line.