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Specialty care is the next big transformation 

in telemedicine. 

Check out the three main mega trends that are driving the specialty care market changes.

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About nodMD
A digital health company disrupting the specialty care market

Unmet Needs

  • Online search engines inadequate for specialists
  • Long wait times to see specialists
  • Chronic disease management
  • Physicians want to grow their revenue


  • Advanced “find-a-specialist” search engine
  • Online bookings, virtual consults
  • Timely access to specialists
  • Referral management automation
  • Second opinions
  • Remote patient monitoring programs


Save more money by keeping track
of your expenses.

  • Patient engagement ($3.2 B)
  • Physician shortage ($0.8 B)
  • Remote patient monitoring ($1.0 B)

nodMD Advantage

  • 3x more search criteria than competitors
  • Searches beyond local geography
  • Automated insurance verification, prior auth
  • No direct competitor
  • Designed by specialists for specialists

Markets Served

  • Physicians (specialists, primary care)
  • Facilities (acute, post-acute)
  • Home health agencies
  • Direct-to-consumer

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