Health Data Collection & Delivery to Improve Outcomes

nodMD is a data-driven organization which aims to be a trusted partner to help specialists leverage remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology to improve outcomes. In conjunction with our specialty physicians, nodRPM tracks patients, such as seniors and those with chronic conditions, outside of traditional healthcare settings. By collecting patient information on-the-go and securely transmitting it back to a nod specialist in real-time, patients remain engaged, care is immediate, health outcomes are improved and costs are lowered.

Why Providers Should Implement a RPM Strategy:

  • Frequent stream of data provides insights to patient health status while they are recovering, between visits or outside a point-of-care
  • Enables faster interventions at signs of deterioration, helps prevent readmissions, and provides effective navigation to the appropriate level of care if help is needed
  • More efficient time management by provider to help patients needing the most attention
  • Increases patient loyalty and satisfaction and, improves their ability to self-manage aspects of their care