Telemedicine is More Than Just Video

nodMD’s digital health platform facilitates timely access to specialists, which improves outcomes and lowers healthcare costs. Care by specialist physicians is pivoting towards telemedicine. The U.S. telemedicine market in 2020 was $14.2 billion and is projected to grow 26% each year, reaching $69.7 billion by 2027. Telemedicine visits grew from 30 million (2017) to 400 million (2020), with Deloitte projecting 400 million in 2021. 

Full menu of digital services for independent specialists to promote patient wellness

nodMD’s digital health platform for 250,000 independent specialists connects disparate points across the healthcare continuum.

  • nodConsult: HIPAA-compliant virtual encounters
  • nodBookings: Referral generation and patient care coordination

Telemedicine growth factors include:

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Better management of chronic disease
  • Improved healthcare quality and outcomes
  • Greater patient access to healthcare—aging at home, rural areas, busy professionals
  • Higher patient engagement, personal healthcare
  • Scarcity of healthcare professionals
  • Improved telemedicine regulations, reimbursement and health plan coverage

U.S. telemedicine market in 2020


Telehealth visits projected in 2021


Long-term % of visits by telemedicine