Connecting Patients and Providers via Digital Intelligence

There are 250,000 independent specialists in the U.S.–physicians who do not belonging to a healthcare system. nodReferrals is the first digital platform connecting these independent physicians to patients, providers, payors and facilities needing timely access to specialists.

nodBookings secures referrals from patients, providers, payers and healthcare entities benefitting from rapid access to specialists and forwards these to specialists in our referral community based on a proprietary algorithm. Referring entities receive free access to specialists, while specialists pay a nominal monthly fee to participate in the nodBookings community and receive patient referrals and online promotion.

nodBookings is integrated with the use of nodConsult, our HIPPA-compliant and secure telehealth video platform, and thus requires its use.

Subscribers to nodReferrals Paid Service Receive the Following Benefits:

  • Find-a-Specialist: search by specialist type, insurance, geography, availability and provider rating
  • Send-a-Referral: from patients (second opinions), providers (physician-to-physician) or facilities based on the specialists availability/schedule
  • Referral (Care Coordination) Management: patient treatment update between healthcare points on continuum
  • Patient Treatment Notes: sent back to referral origination source timely