nodMD’s Medical Specialties

nodMD’s specialists are available anywhere, any time – whether rounding in facilities for an initial encounter or meeting virtually for telemedicine consultations.

Our specialists are medical experts in their chosen field who come from across the country and are licensed in your state to combat a shortage in specialty physicians. They are today’s medical pioneers seeking to provide specialist care outside of their local office geography (United States).

Most of nodMD’s specialists have their own practice and joined our community of independent specialists to provide greater access to providers and to shorten the wait time to see a specialist. They set aside blocks of time from their walk-in patients to virtually visit with high-need patients nationwide.

nodMD specialists are contacted for second opinions, initial consultations, post-hospital stay follow-up, or provider-to-provider inter-professional consultations. Communication with primary care teams is a key ingredient to patient success. Treatment notes from the specialist are sent back to the referring provider ASAP (within days).

For hospitals, post-acute and outpatient community settings, nodMD fills a provider gap and our specialists function as credentialed members of your team, with an option to document directly in your EHR, and offer support directly to your care team through phone consultations or HIPAA-secure text messaging.

nodMD’s specialists can follow a patient through the continuum of care—after acute-care discharge, to post-acute, community settings, and even in-home (as needed) to reduce risk of readmissions and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. Our digital health platform tracks patient progression through the care continuum and provides updates on patient care.

Our web-based digital health platform is easy-to-use and easily accessed via phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. High-speed internet is required to stream video. Additionally, we have two free apps available—for patients, download the nodMD app on the App Store and Google Play. For for providers, download the nodConsult app on the App Store and Google Play.