High Quality Patient Treatment
Efficient Virtual Care with Nod

Bringing specialists to critical access hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and more… all while improving quality of life for specialist providers.

What is Nod?

Nod is a telehealth platform designed by specialists to treat patients whereever they are. We bring specialist treatment to critical access hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, post-acute rehab centers, and even directly to the patient’s home.

Private Beta Access

Nod is currently in private beta but we’d love to give you a sneak peek. If you’re interested in learning more, apply to our early beta program

Nod for Organizations

Reduce Transfers & Readmissions

Patient Care

Virtual video visits directly with patients in facilities or at home ensuring they get the best quality care without having to leave their community.

Medical Staff Support

Get treatment guidance directly from specialists without having to worry about asking for favors. No guilt and no curbsiding.

Nod for Specialist Providers

Designed by Specialists

If you want to minimize paperwork so you can focus on patients, you need a system that understands the unique challenges you face as a physician. Nod is the only telehealth application founded by a specialist. Purposefully crafted to be simple and friendly so your patient receives the best version of your care.

Scalable for Growth
No need for staff to schedule and check-in your patient. Nod does the work for you.

Smart Notes
Focus on your patient while beginning your documentation and orders with Nod’s innovative notes features.

Athena Health Integration
Patients, orders, schedules, and more all integrate seamlessly with your current EHR.

I have never seen any medical application that was so elegant and easy to use. When I saw the virtual visit and how to take notes, I was immediately blown away

Raj Garg, MD,
Cardiologist at Heart One Associates