How to Refer Your Patient to Nod Specialists

Eliminating Weeks of Wait Times

Nod has specifically crafted a platform and process for patients to see board-certified specialists from the comfort of their home. We will coordinate a time directly with the patients and make sure that all notes and orders get sent back to your office as quickly as possible.

Technology Required

There are no apps to download or machines to purchase. Your patient can see a Nod Specialist with the devices already at home including an iPad or laptop. High-speed internet is required to stream video.

Referring a Patient is Easy

1. Fax patient information to 602-428-7025
  • Patient demographics
  • Patient contact number
  • History & Physical Exam
  • Visit note and reason for referral
  • Labs or another other pertinent information
2. Our team will contact the patient directly for scheduling

We’ll organize the most convenient for the patient, collect insurance, and discuss any other details the doctors may need before the visit. We’ll also help the patient with any technical assisstance needed.

3. Patient will see a Nod Infection Specialist through a Virtual Visit on Video

At the time of the visit, your patient will see the specialist through a simple and secure video visit.

4. After the visit, Nod will fax back all visit notes to you within 24 hours

You will always be kept in the loop with Nod Specialists