Poznan University of Medical Sciences: Student discussion on COVID-19 with Dustin Marley

ID Specialist Dustin Marley broadcasts live to the students and faculty at Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Poznan a prominent medical university, located in the city of Poznań, Poland. He will be discussing the basics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how it spreads. He'll also be discussing COVID-19 symptoms, testing, and more. Watch Live on […]

COVID-19 Strains and Myths

Watch the webinar recording below https://youtu.be/LCnzh0I3gGs Want to join our webinar live? Check out our upcoming events In this weekly webinar by Infectious Disease specialist, Dustin Marley, and Infection Preventionist Megan Crosser, we discussed • Uncommon COVID-19 Symptoms such as neurological issues • Myth busting rumors that 5G causes COVID-19 • How to prevent dialysis […]

COVID-19 State Survey: What They’re Inspecting

Watch the Recording Here: https://youtu.be/OcbsWwewvVs There are two major updates we discussed on this week's webinar. CMS is Changing LTCF Reporting Requirements Our Infection Prevention Director is going to breakdown the new change and instruct you on how to prepare. This one isn't unexpected but can have MAJOR impacts on your facility, especially for facilities […]

Webinar: Optimize PPE usage in your facility – Apr 29

Watch the Recording Here Optimizing PPE usage in your facility  Many myths and rumors have been floating around about PPE so we are addressing this topic head-on. During the in-depth webinar, we are addressing this topic head-on with expert advice on how you can optimize your PPE usage in your facility.  Reusing PPE How long […]

Webinar: COVID-19 Testing: PCR vs Antibody Test + IgN vs IgG.

Watch Now This week’s webinar will answer the common questions about testing for COVID-19. Hosts Dustin Marley & Megan Crosser will educate on the differences between the swap test and the antibody test and what we’re looking for when testing between IgM and IgG within the serology test. During the webinar, we’ll also give up-to-the-minute […]

Growing Your Patient Volume During COVID-19

Watch Now How to overcome the fear of contracting COVID-19 in your facility Patient volumes have dropped sharply as people around the country strive to stay healthy during the pandemic. Many potential patients are even choosing to avoid care when needed in order to avoid exposure. The decreased volume has placed a huge burden on […]

Wound Care in Long Term Care Facilities

This week's webinar welcomes Tangeca Wells, an infectious disease nurse practitioner with Nod Specialists who is also wound care certified. Her dual expertise gives her a keen insight into how often some wound conditions get overlooked in facilities and how that can cause significant issues for patients. Tangeca will show you simple ways to help […]

Reopening after COVID-19: How facilities will need to adapt

Staff Testing, Guest Notifications, and New Habits: Facilities need to prepare now for the re-opening. Don't open yourself up to risk later There will be a new set of challenges when doors are re-opened to guests. Not only will the new COVID-19 preparations need to be in place, but we will need to be prepared […]

Complacency With COVID-19

COVID complacency is spreading dangerously fast Now is not the time to go back to the way things were. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, you may be putting your patients and residents in harms way. As a fear of Covid declines and more people become infected and recovered, we need to increase our infection […]

Community Marketing: Grow Your Census Through Building Your Trust On and Offline

It's Not a Nursing Home; It's a Community Center Public perception of long-term care and assisted living facilities is damaged. Many facilities have taken a hit to their census because of it.  We're bringing marketing guru and host of The Nursing Home Podcast, Shmuel Septimus, to the webinar to show you how to rebuild trust […]

The Key Phases of Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Control Tracking/Trending

Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Control are detailed and complex roles. Luckily we have people like Matthew Just from ABXTracker to help guide us on some of the key phases of both. In this webinar, we will discuss: What parts of the roles should be completed in real-time Linking medication to infection signs and symptoms What […]

COVID impact on Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients with specialist guest, Nephrology Specialist, Faiza Laleka, MD.

POSTPONED FROM JULY 1st TO JULY 8th This week's webinar includes special guest Faiza Laleka, MD, a Nephrologist with Nod Specialists. She will be discussing the impact of COVID-19 on patients with renal issues. She will be presenting: The Pathogenesis of COVID-Infection COVID-19 and Acute kidney injury Effect of COVID-19 on chronic kidney disease Management […]