Empowering our Local Arizona Families on COVID-19

Empowering our Local Arizona Families on COVID-19

Empowering our Local Arizona Families on COVID-19 2880 1532 nodMD

In today’s episode of “Solving Lifes Next Chapter”, we speak with Andi Ravenscroft, LNHA, CDAL Director of Client Relations with NOD Specialists, and Bernie Wahl with Vikor Scientific biotechnology company; both have been on the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases.

hey bring us up-to-date information for the families of Arizona and their Senior loved ones. Bernie explains that this particular virus has changed and we have learned so much more than when we first were introduced to it months ago. The information is changing week by week, day by day and sometimes even hour by hour.

Both Bernie and Andi explain that the best way to help prevent the virus from spreading is by using the CDC guidelines of washing your hands often, not touching your face, keeping a mask on in public, and keeping social distance. We learn that the virus needs a keyhole to get into the body and that is through the nasal cavity. It then goes into the lungs and causes respiratory issues.

Bernie’s company has been giving a test for COVID, and although there haven’t been enough test kits throughout the country, the labs do not want to have “Fear testing”. The testing that is currently being administered are for Seniors 65+ of age and have compromised immune systems with the signs of the respiratory problems. The test is a nasal swab and takes 24 hours to find out if you are positive or negative. Bernie’s company also tests for 22 viruses which include 15 bacteria and 1 fungus, because the company has discovered that 79.1% of positive patients have other viruses or bacteria along with COVID. Having the panel of testing is beneficial to the patients because some of these other viruses or fungi that come with COVID can be cured with antibiotics even if there is no cure for COVID. COVID itself has to run through your body and your own immune system needs to fight it off. Andi explains to us how to best protect your Senior loved ones within Senior communities. Social distancing is best if you live with a Senior or if your Senior lives in a community with other Seniors.

Andi explains that we need to ask our Senior communities what they are doing to protect our loved ones? what can we do as a family to help? What is the protocol for your community if someone is positive? How are you keeping my loved one safe from employees that are coming and going? As Andi explains the virus can live on a surface for up to 3 days, so washing door handles and countertops is really important. Another fact that Andi has explained that some of the symptoms of the virus for some patients have a lack of taste and smell. So keep an eye out for your senior loved ones with some of these systems. Protection is your best bet for a healthy living whether that is living at home with a Senior or living in a Senior community. Keeping safe during this time is so important and Andi reminds us we are part of the solution such as social distancing and not touching your face, and there are many resources for you and your loved one.

If you or someone you love have symptoms and want to get tested, speak to your health care provider If you or someone you know does have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Andi Ravenscroft Nod Specialist Practice Phone Number 602-551-8052 Email: aravenscroft@nodmd.com Triage line – https://www.nodmd.com/quickscreen/ Bernie Wahl www.vikorscientific.com 854.429.1069