A Case Study

Treating Sepsis In-Place with nodMD

How Skilled Nursing Facilities Used nodMD’s Telemedicine Platform to Reduce Readmissions and Save Lives

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About The Study

The team at nodMD took a deep dive into the charts of 50 patients at 15 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) across two different states. With the help of nodMD’s clinical team, we analyzed patients who had been diagnosed with sepsis, what caused it and what comorbidities may be at play.

Our goal? We wanted to show the impact on the patients and the facilities  when medical specialists are easily available through telemedicine. Telemedicine has a unique set of challenges in SNFs from unfamiliar technology to the challenges to the status quo.

The results were surprising even to us.

Why the Focus on Sepsis?

Impact on Patients.
  • Globally, an estimated 20 million to 30 million cases of sepsis occur each year.
  • Sepsis is the primary cause of death from infection.
  • Sepsis causes more deaths than prostate cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined.
  • Rapid intervention for sepsis can halve the risk of dying
  • For nearly 80% of patients, sepsis begins outside of the hospital REF
Impact on Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Sepsis is avoidable but still the #1 most expensive readmission.
  • The average length of stay in a hospital is 11 days.
  • On average, sepsis causes a loss of $6,325 in revenue per patient
  • Hospitals expect SNFs to be able to support their patients with higher acuity.
  • When a patient is returned to the hospital, it erodes trust and reduces referrals.
Impact on Hospitals
  • The incidence rate of hospitalizations with severe sepsis increased up to threefold in the last decade, according to a large scale retrospective study. REF
  • Community hospitals across the U.S. are spending $55 million a day on sepsis care, according to the most recent published data. REF
  • The typical hospital stay for sepsis is approximately twice the cost of an average hospital stay. REF

Top Infections Causing Sepsis

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Some of the most common and easily treatable infections are the source of sepsis. With nodMD, our goal is to not only treat sepsis in-place, but to help prevent it altogether.

  • SSTIs
  • C. Difficile
  • Septic arthritis / Osteomyelitis
  • Infective Endocarditis
  • Pneumonia
  • UTis

The Success of Treating Sepsis In-Place

“nodMD is a big asset to our team. The response time is quick and seamless; everyone should have them involved.”

Yvonne Williams, DON • Peoria Post Acute


Successful Treatments


Reduction in Readmissions


Saved of Patients in Beds


in Revenue Saved

How nodMD Achieved the Outcomes

Most SNFs have limited access to specialists. Even in urban areas, most infectious disease physicians round at unpredictable times. nodMD aims to change that with three simple principals: Accessibility, Competency, and Communication.


When an infection begins to accelerate, there is no time to wonder when the infectious disease specialist would be available. With nodMD, providers are available for 24/7 via secure text message, voice calls, and on-demand video visits to help treat sepsis patients in-place.


Our providers are in constant communication. With a top-notch training program, dedicated teams that absorb and share current studies and tactics, and a physician-led leadership team, our partner organizations get board-certified level knowledge that is only a click away.


In the care of a patient, the providers at nodMD seek out as many other members of the primary team as possible. RTs, nurse assistants, RNs, and Providers. We talk with them, learn more about their patient, and take the opportunity to explain our assessments and plans. This team approach ensures everyone is onboard and no one is left in the dark.


Speed Matters

When an infection begins to worsen, you can wait for a week to take action. nodMD’s depth of providers mean our partner facilities get support 24/7. Our three guiding principals mean we can repeat success every single day.

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